International Business Machines

As a proud partner of IBM, Innovez One specialises in WebSphere family of products specifically in WebSphere MQ, Integration BUS, and MQTT for enable efficient mobile messaging. We provide consultancy, and software professional services relating from the definition of critical elements of detailed requirements, design of the solution for MQ and integration bus to work and its implementation.


Scientia Resource Management Group


Formed in 1989, Scientia has since established itself as a global industry leader in scheduling and planning software. Used in over 24 countries spanning five continents worldwide, Scientia's products have a proven track record in driving higher performance for organisations in their areas of planning and administration.

Dominant in the higher and further education sector, Scientia's products are used in 25 of the world's top 100 universities and over 500 institutions globally. In addition, Scientia solutions are also widely used in government and commercial industries.

A subsidiary of Scientia Resource Management Group, Pythagoras provides a comprehensive suite of solutions in the area of property and facilities management.

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