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Innovez One's MarineM Solution provides real-time update and management of towage and pilotage jobs, streamlining job delivery operations with "command centre" planning and scheduling. Delivered via a 24 x 7 high availability mobile platform, this solution supports the demands of port operations every day of the year.

MarineM Solutions

Features and Advantages

Marine command no longer needs to rely on VHF radio sets for communication in order to coordinate pilotage and towage activities. Traditionally, towage and pilotage jobs are planned on excel-sheets and manual updates are required for each job status. As a result, job Information is often disjointed between what is actual versus what was planned. At the same, manual updates are tedious and error-prone leading to detrimental outcomes in the efficiency and performance of a world-class port.

To remedy these challenges, Innovez One’s MarineM Solution streamlines real-time status of towage and pilotage jobs with backend planning, deployment and monitoring capabilities. The status of towage and pilotage job information are transmitted wirelessly back to the marine command centre over 3G and/or SMS networks in real-time. Additionally, this solution provides fully integrated AIS-based Vessel Tracking System founded on standards from the International Maritime Organisation.

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