Property and Facilities Management


Engineered by Swedish-British company Pythagoras, the property and facilities management system is one of the most advanced IT systems on the market for efficient resource administration. The Pythagoras solution is designed to cope with a broad spectrum of property and facilities management tasks. The basis of the Pythagoras system is a real estate database that is supported by detailed graphical representations to optimise the performance and utility of property assets.

The following specifics are just some of the more common features covered in the dynamic software solutions from Pythagoras,

  • Planning of the premises
    Maintain a large quantity of data that will allow effortless assignment or reassignment of facilities. Data types include information on room category / type, capacity per room, availability status, scheduling, etc.
  • Staff
    Identify workspace of various members of staff, with additional information such as staff number and phone number attached to each data record.
  • Furnishing
    Provides an overview and inventory of the furniture in the premises.
  • Cleaning
    Manages cleaning schedules, allocation / area calculation of various cleaning 'zones' per cleaner and cost estimates of cleaning requirements.
  • Management of Contracts
    Organises information regarding premises' contracts, ie. Rental contracts with floor plan information.
  • Management of Costs
    Handle all costs data from various data sources, such as contract sums or accounting system. Costs relating to the premises can then be examined in relation to a cluster of buildings, a certain building or even down to a room.


With escalating business operating costs in today's environment, Pythagoras will be an ideal long-term partner towards the goal of maximising your organisation's efficiency and performance.

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